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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the magazine distributed?

Northern Heights magazine is delivered bi-monthly throughout the region to 30,000 high-net-worth households. We follow a controlled circulation model whereby we pre-qualify our readers based on household income, net worth, home value, zip codes, and other pyschographics such as a propensity to spend on big ticket items. This formula ensures that our readers have the means and lifestyle to support our advertising partners. It also enables our editorial team to cultivate content that is perfectly aligned with our audience's interests. 

We also reach our readers at the most prestigious and prominent locations throughout our targeted communities, including restaurants, clothing boutiques, jewelers, art galleries, private clubs, real estate offices, area hotels, doctors' offices, and virtually every waiting room across the region. 

How can I subscribe to the magazine?

It's simple! Write to us at info@northernheightsmag.com with your Full Name and complete Mailing Address. You should receive your first issue within 60 days. We are not currently offering paid subscriptions, however that may change in the future.

If you are a business and want to offer copies of Northern Heights to waiting customers or patients, clients or patrons in your lobby or waiting room, or if you have a big event and want to include copies of the magazine in the event swag bag, please provide the number of copies you wish to receive. We will review all requests within 48-hours and will do our best to accommodate you.

How do I submit a story idea?

We love hearing from you when it comes to the pulse of our communities. If you have a story idea, tell our editors about it at edit@northernheightsmag.com. Due to the number of submissions, we cannot respond to each one. If we feel that your idea meets our criteria, we will contact you. Many times we might save submissions for future content. 

What kinds of things can I find in a typical issue of Northern Heights magazine?

Every issue of Northern Heights includes in-depth content on local business leaders and trendsetters, the best food and drink, the chicest shopping, arts and culture, high-end home and design, and travel. We will keep you in the know with the latest in local happenings across the region and where to grab the latest gadget. 

What differs from issue-to-issue are the feature stories, or theme of a given issue which drives editorial and photography content. 

How can I advertise my business with Northern Heights magazine? 

We are excited to connect you directly with the consumers you value most and have many different advertising programs designed to keep you in front of this audience. We'd love to learn more about your business, your marketing objectives and your budget before providing you with a custom recommendation tailored to your unique goals. 


Download our 2019 advertising media kit here.

Who publishes Northern Heights magazine?

We are published by Northern Heights Publishing, LLC, an independent niche media company rooted in the very community it serves. Press inquiries and questions regarding Northern Heights Publishing, LLC should be directed to info@northernheightsmag.com.